Villages are the areas where the Raposa live. Each village is assigned a leader to keep it stable and orderly and to keep the villagers safe.

Raposa VillageEdit

This is the main village in the game. It is mostly green, covered with trees and grass, and has a coast line at its northern point.  All Raposa rescued in the first game are brought here.



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Turtle RockEdit

This living village was sent to the docks to rescue the Raposa after their village started loosing Color. The are very wary of it at first, but once they see how spectacular it is, they learn to love it, even though it has a few Baki stowaways! It is also the only village that can be transported as it has a wheel and sail.


Turtle Rock

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This is the first village the Raposa arrive at after they sail away on Turtle Rock. It is very ornate and European looking with its architecture, and its culture gives off a European vibe as well. The way you sail on a river boat to get around is inspired by Venice.


Watersong Page 1 - Larger

WatersongVillage page2 color04

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This hot, rocky and rustique village is the second village that the Raposa are lead to, this time by Sock. It is in a bad way because it is constantly mined for Banya Crystals.



Page03 color

*Note that these pages aren't actually used in the game.

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Galactic JungleEdit

This fun and wacky village - the third the Raposa visit in their travels - is an interesting mixture of a tropical jungle and a futuristic space station. It is in the D.O.T.R.O.T.P.O.T.U.S.F. and run by a council when you first arrive there. 



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Wilfre's WastelandEdit

The eerie final village of the series and home to its main antagonist... the dastardly Wilfre!  It is a twisted mix of Watersong, Lavasteam and the Galactic Jungle, along with a fourth part that's more sinister looking and gives off a more ominous vibe.  It is here where Wilfre must be defeated once and for all and the truth finally uncovered...


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The Secret VillageEdit

This is a little Easter egg in the first game. It can be accessed through the Wishing Well after you place 10,000 coins in it. All the games developers can be met and talked to here.  Although how you use a well to get there is a mystery...

Map Edit


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  • Lavasteam has a third, unused page.

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