Wilfre. We all know Wilfre. The evil demented maniac who attacked the world of Raposa many times alongside his sidekick Circi.

But is all this his responsibility? Ok yes. Wilfre is evil and A Villain of Drawn to life. He does harsh things without reason and is most certainly selfish and cruel. But is he the MAIN Villain?

I thought so until I saw the prologue again. "At first there was The Book of life the design of The Creator".

This implies The Book of Life was made by The Creator.

Now Wilfre snuck into the Creation Hall and drew in the Book of Life resulting in him becoming a manipulated shadow beast.

But just tell me how this happened?

The Creator designed The Book of Life. So when Wilfre used it he put all the villagers in trouble.

Now part of the Book of life is that if anyone who wasn't The Creator drew in it the village would be taken over by Shadow.

But who MADE The Book of Life?

Yes. The Creator.

So that means The Creator made it so if any Raposa drew in it this terrible event would happen. Why couldn't he have made it so this wouldn't happen if anyone drew in it? Yes. He MADE The Book of Life. Then he abandoned the Raposa. He's abandoning them for something that was HIS fault! He caused this darkness and blamed it on them.

And HE drew the Bakis who were able to attack The Raposa and Hero!

Then what does he do? DESTROY The World! While Wilfre is no angel either due to the fact he attempted to kill everyone that doesn't mean The Creator is good either.

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