• Pikminrocks

    ok, there is OVEOUSLY going to be a 3rd game! duh, I don't care what the ending of next chapter is! Im pretty sure that the Raposa did NOT get Vaporised by the Eternal Flame! I think they just got teleported to this other area, Similar to the area in Jowee's dreams, and then they ask the player to make a gate, the blueprint looks like this:

    And when everybody escapes (including Wilfre), It appears as if everything looks all blank, meaning that the world of raposa vanished when mike woke up from coma, meaning that it was plain and dull. but then they see a flower, the Flower to Save the Mayor! however, Wilfre quickly casts a spell with his wand and turns it into a evil coin. MORE COMING SOON IF POPULAR ENOUGH!

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  • Pikminrocks

    random stuff...

    February 13, 2012 by Pikminrocks

    keep a close eye out for the next one! it will finish the heather's

    birthday story

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