• Mike Mikeson

    Guys. We need to stop Wilfre! He has our friends and is torchuring them! Think of all the villagers living their painful experiences!

    We MUST Save them. Mari, Heather come on. Let's sail for his lair.


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  • Mike Mikeson

    what do we do?

    October 11, 2014 by Mike Mikeson

    Do we escape the Human Village And Let Them All Die? Or Should We Escape Ourselves To SAve Our Own Lives? VOTE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

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  • Mike Mikeson

    Journal Entry 27/09/14

    September 27, 2014 by Mike Mikeson

    Today was even worse than the last. Well it began quite well or at least I thought it did? But the things went downhill.

    Mari introduced the "survival plan" of how to get food, water and shelter (which we already have). 

    She says we only needed three meals a day, enough water and a house. To get three meals a day seemed tough. If you knew where the base was you would agree. There's no good supplies nearby.

    Wilfred appears to be in a jolly mood. Because he's just introduced a new law. He is going to kidnap villagers of our human town until he locates us. He says if they find us and give us to him he will leave the village.

    Hunters are trying to find us all over the place. Im unsure whether they will. Thing is we have to save the town somehow. B…

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  • Mike Mikeson

    Journal Entry 26/09/14

    September 26, 2014 by Mike Mikeson

    Dear Reader Survivinvg The Base. Its Not As Soothing As It Sounds. Its A Blank Room With Nothing In. Except For Us Of Course. Theres No Entertainment Either. Its Just Sitting Out Of Danger. The Darkness Is Still Sadly Looking For Us And No Hero Will Come.

    Jowee Is Currentley Getting Bored Of This. Mari Is Acting Machure And Doesn't Appear To Mind. Heather Is Very Protective Over Me Which Is Very Annoying.

    The Darkness Now Rule The Lower Town. Which Is A Pity Really As We Are Now Even More Limited Of How To Survive This Place. No Food Nothing.

    I Cant Give Locations Seeing As Wilfre Is On The Wiki And Will Locate Us. But I Can Say We Are Starving, Thirsty And Tired. But We Cant Risk Anything. We're Just Lying Down Here Out Of Danger. It's Terri…

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  • Mike Mikeson

    Dear Reader

    Hello. My Name Is Mike. You All Know Me. Im Writing This Blog Post From The "Base" As Me And Jowee Call It.

    Im Just Here Today To Sum Up Any Leftover Questions Anybody Might Have Such As: Why We Are, What We're Doing Here, And How Come Were Here.

    It Began With The End Of Our World. This However Of Course Didn't Effect Me As I Woke Up Safe And Sound.

    There Was However An Escape Plan For Some Raposa To Come And Live In The Real World. This Contained Jowee, Mari, Heather And Circi.

    When They Came Me And My Sister Lived In The Base Together. Soon The Raposa Came And Asked To Stay With Us. I Couldn't Express My Gratitude For Them. So I Allowed Them To Stay.

    The Base Is A Location In The World We Live In I However Wont Give Out Details As …

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