Alrighty then, I pretty much made this on the Fourm but no one ever goes there, so here it goes.

There are several things that need to get done on the wikia that are a community effort.


  • Picking a background
    • I don't think we can just keep this blue here, it's not very impressive. Any one good at making backgrounds?
  • Should the articles be written in 2nd person (addressing the reader with "you") or say "the player"
    • ie, "next, you must..." or "next the player must..."
  • should raposa be written with a capital letter? would the plural have a s at the end?
  • This is a Drawn to Life wikia, but there are almost no info for Drawn to Life wii. There are still arguments as to weather or not it is even cannon, but for now we need to at least add a heading section for dtlwii on the characters that were there
  • Should the Hero be reffered to as "he", because it is in the game. I don't think it should be he/she.

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