A little dream I had.


I was playing as Wilfre in the dream, (extended: who had created a machine out of shadow, that freezes the world. It works, and all Raposa are dead. Wilfre then breaks their frozen bodies.) Wilfre soon meets another shadow creature just like him, but extremely small, named Gitch. (extended: Wilfre then stares at Gitch, as Gitch climbs on his hand.) (forgot this part, sorry guys and girls. I'll just skip to what I remember.) Wilfre became so cold it was up to the point where he lost Gitch. He looks for Gitch, in my own house, and, thanks to his white glowing eyes, finds Gitch on the living room couch. The dream then ended at that point.


After that, it will cut to the point where Wilfre sacrifices himself to save Gitch, and defeat the cold making shadow machine. Somehow, when it was damaged, the Raposa were back to life, as Mari states that Wilfre was not that bad after all, and sacrificed his life for Gitch. That day, Wilfre Day was created in honor of Wilfre. Wilfre is shown alive, with the destroyed cold machine.

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