Turbo Ring

Turbo Ring Preset

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Name Turbo Ring
Use Shoots The Hero far distances
Creation Type Level Object
Has Preset Yes
Template Needed No
Created In/After Rhythmic Reef
Jivin' Rooftops
Game(s) Dtl2LogoThumb
The Turbo Ring will instantly send Hero flying! The only way to know where it goes is to jump in!

–Design Prompt

The Turbo Ring is a creation in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. It is first made in Watersong in the Rhythmic Reef level. It is composed of twelve repeated creations made by the player. When used, it will shoot The Hero in a predetermined location whilst making the noise of a cymbal.

TowerIcon Appearance

Due to the Turbo Ring being a creation object, the appearance is overall dependent on the player.

The pre-drawn guide creates a blue eighth note within a ring of the same color. Twelve of these objects will form a spinning ring in which the player can utilize.

AButton Levels

Question Trivia

  • There is another version of the Turbo Ring creation utilizing similar twelve creations to form a ring.
  • It is one of the few creation objects to make a sound upon being used.
    • Another being the Coconut Radio, which plays music that distracts Baki in the level.
  • It is unknown why the Turbo Ring can be created in two different levels, since both of these levels are required.

PaintingIcon Media

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