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Spike Ball Bubblers

Idle Sax

Sax Bubble

Open Chest Idle

Chest Idle

Chest Open



Species None
Variant N/A
Health Can't be killed.
Attack Type Projectile
Item Drops N/A
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Spike Ball Bubblers are obstacles in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter found in Watersong. There are two different types of bubblers: Bubbly Saxophones, and Treasure Chests. Bubblers release spiked balls that float up, and damage The Hero.

Neither the Bubblers nor their projectiles can be damaged or destroyed, and The Bubblers themselves do not damage the Hero.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Bubbly Saxophones Edit

As their name would suggest, Bubbley Saxophones take the form of Saxophones encrusted on the ocean floor.

When attacking, they will swell up and "push" a ball out.

Treasure Chests Edit

Similarly, Treasure chest appear ans old, red chests that slowly bounce on the ocean floor.

When releasing a ball, they will open up for a brief moment before closing again.

Inside, they seem to have blue coral formations growing within them.

Spiky Balls Edit

The spiky balls that Spike Ball Bubblers release appear as orange or red spheres with 4 grey spikes protruding from them.

AButton Levels Edit

Question Trivia Edit

  • The Treasure Chest Wilfre's Scepter is found in looks similar to one of the Spike Ball Bubblers.
  • Bubbly Saxophones will play a note when they release a ball.
  • Some Treasure chests will release more than one ball, shooting them off diagonally.

PaintingIcon Media Edit