Name Snowboard
Use Used to slide down mountainous slopes
Creation Type Level Object
Has Preset No
Template Needed No
Created In/After Icy Lake
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumb

Slide down in style! Color in your own snowboard!

–Design Prompt

The Snowboard is a creation in Drawn to Life. It is first drawn in the third segment of Icy Lake. The Hero uses it to quickly traverse the mountain slopes. Whilst the Hero is on the snowboard, any enemies that come in contact with the snowboard will instantly die; this is much like sliding down a hill, even without the creation.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Due to the Snowboard being a creation object and having no pre-drawn preset or guide, the appearance of this object is completely dependent on the player.

They are still confined to an outlined area.

AButton Levels Edit

Question Trivia Edit

  • One can accumulate an infinite amount of Rapo-Coins using this creation by replaying the section this creation is made at and by killing all of the enemies again. However, going back to the top will not respawn Rapo-Coin items unless the player restarts the level entirely.
  • If the player pushes the jump button, the Snowboard will do a flip.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

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