Snow Hider


SnowHider Hurt

Species Snow Mole
Variant N/A
Health HeartSmall SmallHeartSmall Small
Attack Type Projectile
Item Drops SilverCoin Small
Games Dtl1LogoThumb

Snow Hiders are enemies found in Drawn to Life, in the Snow Gate. As their name implies, they hide in the snow on the ground, taking on an appearance similar to that of the snow piles used for replenishing the Snowshooter's ammo. When The Hero approaches, they pop up and throw two snowballs at them every couple of seconds. These enemies take two hits to defeat.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Snow Hiders are round beings with two long arms and short tan/salmon fur.

This creature lacks ears.

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Question TriviaEdit

  • The snowballs this enemy throws only travel the width of the DS screen before beginning to fade away.
  • This enemy appears to be ambidextrous, since it throws the snowballs with both of his hands.
  • This enemy is known as "Snow Mole" within Drawn to Life's code.

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