The night sky (without any drawn creations)

The Night Sky is a creation in Drawn to Life that is re-drawn after some Raposa start going crazy from lack of sleep and prolonged heat exposure.

The Creator is first able to draw stars (or other celestial objects) after The Hero and Jowee retrieve the template from the Twilite Wood . However, without the moon it becomes too dark to see and many Raposa report missing belongings after Zsasha takes advantage of the darkness to steal. After the Moon Page is retrieved from Moon Grove and is returned to the Book of Life the village will become better illuminated and Cricket will start his investigation.

During the night the village will switch to a darker color palette and most building will emit light from the doors and windows.

Question Trivia Edit

  • The night sky (along with the Day Sky) can be viewed from the Village Observatory
  • The night sky is one of the few creations that needs multiple templates to create.
  • Some un-named Raposa will often say that the creator drew a beautiful night sky.
    • Galileo also reminisces about the night sky.
  • There are two color palettes used during the night; one when the moon is missing and one after it is returned.
  • The color palette that is shown before the moon page is added is only used once during the game and is active for the second-shortest period of time.
    • The first being the village rain palette.
  • It is implied that Raposa (except for Zsasha) can't see very well in without the moon.
    • Although, they seemingly have no issue avoiding obstacles without the moon.

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