Mecha Baki

Mecha baki

Mecha Hurt

Species Baki
None (Robot)
Variant Robot
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops SilverCoin Small
Games Dtl1LogoThumb

Mecha Baki are a type of Baki found in some Forest Gate levels. They have keys similar to those of wind-up toys on their heads. They walk slightly faster than other types of Baki.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Mecha Baki resemble Timber Baki, sharing their color palette; with both sporting blue fur and a yellow/blue scarf. Instead of wearing a green leaf, however, they have a spinning wind-up key protruding from their head. The feet of the Mecha Baki also deviate from those of a normal Timber Baki, being skinnier and more mechanical.

The body of a Mecha Baki is covered in metallic plates.

AButton Levels Edit

Question TriviaEdit

  • Although they have metal-plated bodies, their scarves still seem to be made of fabric.
  • Mecha Baki resemble Timber Baki.
    • This may be because they are both from the Forest Gate and are therefore possibly related.
  • Like many enemies, there is no official name for this enemy, but the name is assumed.
    • Another assumed name for this enemy is 'Toy Baki'.

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