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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color Orange
Home Lavasteam
Role Chief Engineer
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) DS logo

It'll take more than a few Bakis to stop a chief engineer such as myself.


Key is a Raposa in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter who lives in Lavasteam and is the creator of the Robosa. Later, Key assists The Hero in shutting down the Robosa.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Key is an adult, orange furred Raposa. He wears reflective blue goggles, a blue hat, and overalls with a white undershirt. He is often seen holding a wrench.

Book Icon StoryEdit


Quote Icon QuotesEdit

It'll take more than a few Bakis to stop a chief engineer such as myself.


After encountering a Baki in Clockwork Tower.

The Giant Robosa is still just a prototype, so you should be able to stop it, with the right strategy.
While it is extremely durable on the outside, it is irritable and rash. Dodge its clumsy attacks and counter.
Perhaps if you hit its hands enough, you can goad it into opening up a weakness for you.


Key telling The Hero how to beat the Giant Robosa

You have my most sincere apologies for involving you in our own village's problems.
If ever I may be of service to you on your endeavors, do not hesitate to request it!


Key after the Giant Robosa is defeated


Question TriviaEdit

  • Key's character may be a reference to Lock's Quest, another game developed by 5th Cell. Lock, the main character of Lock's Quest, is also an engineer and fights robots.
  • In his sprites, it appears he sports a mustache.
    • Unlike his concept art, where he has a beard instead.
  • If the player talks to Key before fighting the boss, he will give advice on how to beat the Giant Robosa.

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