Not to be confused with Jowee's Room (Turtle Rock).

Jowee's House

JoweeHouse Snow

JoweeHouse SnowMelt

JoweeHouse Day

JoweeHouse Rain

JoweeHouse Night

JoweeHouse Midnight

Name Jowee's House
Type Residential
Use A residence for Jowee and Heather
Location Raposa Village
Creation No
Owner Jowee
Residents Jowee
Games Dtl1LogoThumbDtl2LogoThumb

Jowee's House is just left from the Eternal Flame. He and Heather live there together as seen in the beginning of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit


Question TriviaEdit

  • Inside Jowee's House, a plant is seen by the bed. This may be the flower he gave to Mari.
  • Above his bed is a stuffed toy of Bluebit from Lock's Quest.
  • In Drawn to Life, Jowee's house appears the same as Tubba and Bubba's house.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

DTL2 Jowees House

Jowee's House Theme in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

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