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Jowee victory jump

Jowee afraid

Jowee sad

Frustrated Jowee







Jowee's goggles falling



Jowee necklace

Jowee necklace 2

Jowee Drop

Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Teenager
Fur Color Orange
Home Raposa Village
Role Protagonist
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumbDtl2LogoThumb

Oh Rapo... What am I getting myself into!?


Jowee is one of the series' main protagonists. Jowee is Mari's best friend and love interest. He is portrayed as very carefree and adventurous. He is featured on the box art of all of the Drawn to Life games (excluding the Spongebob Squarepants Edition).

Jowee's personality changes from game to game. In the original, Jowee was not always incredibly serious, but loved adventures. Jowee liked Mari and was very kind, but occasionally caused errors that costed the village. In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Jowee started off seemingly with no goal in mind. He then learned that Mari was missing and became far more serious. This change in attitude lead to him taking on the role of The Hero's sidekick. He then risked his life to save Mari, which shows how devoted he truly is.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Jowee is a normal looking male Raposa that wears blue goggles, a red scarf with a yellow bell, and a white and blue shirt. He has orange fur just like most Raposa.

Book IconStoryEdit

Drawn to Life Edit

Jowee is first encountered when he is woken up by his house being tapped three times. At first, he only half believes Mari when she tells him of The Creator's return. He quickly changes his mind when he hears The Creator himself and sees The Hero. When Heather is rescued from Frostwind, Jowee is assigned to watch over her by The Mayor. This leads to the two developing a close friendship.

Jowee will sometimes attempt to impress Mari. He once went about this by running into a level, forcing The Hero to retrieve him. Later it is pointed out that he only wanted to get a flower for Mari. Jowee usually has good intentions, but can still be fairly reckless. At the end of the game, Indee and Pirate Beard invite Jowee to go on an adventure with them. Mari tells him that he should not refuse since it is his lifelong dream. In the end, however, he decides to stay with her.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Edit

In Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter, Jowee is given a more primary role in the game. He becomes second protagonist to The Hero after Mari's departure. As the game progresses, he goes through a significant change in attitude and adapts to the role of a leader and a helpful guide. Much to the reluctance of the rest of the village, Jowee insists on searching for his missing friend. When he and the rest of the group arrive at Wilfre's Wasteland, he confronts Mari, who finally joins back with her village. During the final battle, the Raposa pray for The Hero.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) Edit

In Drawn to life: The Next Chapter (Wii), Jowee is again given a more primary role in the game. When items are stolen, Jowee believes that Zsasha is behind their disappearance. He also believes that Zsasha has gone off to Jangala. Jowee goes with The Hero to Jangala in order to try and find Zsasha and bring back the items. Jowee and The Hero then find Zsasha has been held captive by a Monkey King. Jowee's theory is then proven wrong when Mari realizes Zsasha didn't take the items. Mari then suspects that Wilfre had returned and stole the items. She then sends Jowee and The Hero to Shadow City, to see if they can find Wilfre. They find Wilfre's journal, which holds a plan to destroy The Creator. The plan requires branches from the Tree of Ages and the Eternal Furnace, along with a pen and pencil and the mask they got from the Monkey King to stop Wilfre. Jowee and The Hero are then sent to Icy Wastes, in order to find the Eternal Furnace. Soon the group hear from Galileo that the Tree of Ages is in trouble, so The Hero and Jowee go to the Eastern Winds. They save the tree, and get the branches. After Circi reveals that she was with Wilfre all along, her monster fills the village with Shadow and kills her. The Hero then defeats it, and Jowee says he doesn't want to go on adventures as often anymore.

Quote Icon Quotes Edit

The Creator? But that's crazy! The Creator hasn't spoken to anyone for years!


You can do it, Mari! You're The Mayor now.. only you can do it.


I need to find Mari a gift! Better than what Isaac found...


Uhh... Something is missing from my House...
It's a flow-
Hi Mari!


Jowee about to tell The Mayor about the missing flower but being put off when Mari enters.

So... Hero what do you think of Mari? She's a cool Rapo eh?
... forget I said anything.


Hero I was wondering if I could come with you on your next adventure...
ya know like a sidekick?


A whale?! And you didn't let me come?!
You've gotta let me come with you on your next adventure!


You know I could have helped with Deadwood!


I don't want to hear about the Snow Fields... They were probably... *sigh*


I still think the creator should have drawn a giant reflecter dish...


Mari... Look at all these books...


When Jowee enters the Creation Hall for the first time.

Mari I know you did what you thought was right... but now it's time to do.. what is really right...


It's not your fault Mari! It's Wilfre's and you know it is!


Yeah, it was no problem for a trained adventurer like me.


Jowee upon the return of the Promise Conch.

I don't do baby stuff...


Jowee when asked by Miles to go play.

Oh, I'm sorry... it's just when someone comes in I always expect it to be...


All right an adventure!


Wow... Nice diggz. I bet our whole village could live there and there would still be plenty of room!


Hey! Get back to work!


I couldn't go without you...


. . .And when it's done, we'll have another crazy story to tell our ki-


Question Trivia Edit

  • Jowee is featured on the Raposa Coat of Arms.
  • His official art shows that he doesn't wear pants, but his sprites show that he wears brown pants.
  • Jowee is shown after the credits as a doll won from the fair on Mike's bedside.
    • The Jowee doll shown in the credits might belong to Heather, explaining her instant attachment to him in the first Drawn to Life.
  • Jeremiah Slaczka is shown to be fond of him and is 5th Cell's second mascot after Scribblenaut's Maxwell.
  • He may also be based on Joe Tringali, the game's executive director.
  • Jowee probably got his name from Joseph in The Bible, the father of Jesus.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

Jowee and Sock01:48

Jowee and Sock

Jowee and Sock talk on Turtlerock

Searching for Mari01:52

Searching for Mari

Jowee searching for Mari

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