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Name Isaac's Shop
Type Commercial (Shop)
Use Acts as a shop for The Hero
Location Village
Creation No
Owner Isaac
Residents Isaac
Games Dtl1LogoThumbDtl2LogoThumb

Isaac's Shop, or the Item Shop, is a building in Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

In Drawn to Life, the shop is located in the southern section of the village, east of the Village Entrance. The Hero may buy color palettes, Music, a minigame, stamps, and ability moves here after collecting the tokens in the game's levels.

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter it is located in the south-western section of Turtle Rock, directly west of Jowee's Room. The Hero can buy weapon upgrades, Hero templates, and music.

All items are purchased using Rapo-Coins, the currency in both games.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Isaac's Shop is a metal, tower-like building with a domed roof and a propeller built on top of it. The shop is built on top of a stump with three other connected stumps. These stumps create a staircase to the entrance. There are two windows as well as a rectangular sign outside with a green or blue bag painted on it.

Drawn to Life Edit

Isaac's Shop is the first building that The Creator must free from Darkness using the Eternal Flame. After the building is free of Darkness and Isaac and his family are rescued from the Mt. Snowy, Isaac must still clean up and prepare the shop before The Hero can use it. Every time a World Gate is completed, The Hero can receive a new shooter or upgrade for their current one from his shop.

Shortly after Cookie is rescued, he and Isaac get into an argument over the shop's lack of items and steep prices. This dispute goes on for a while until Mari stops them.


More items become available as their tokens are collected in the levels.

Items sold in Drawn to Life

Isaac's Shop's Items (DTL)
Colors n' Patterns Stamps Music n' Games Abilities
Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price


1000 Eye Set 500 Snowy World 250 Flip 2000
Polka Dot 1000 Hair Set 500 Dark Cave 250 Slide 2000


Mouth Set 500 Forest 1 250 Dash 2000
Waves 1000 Animal Set 500 Underwater 250 Uppercut 2000
Bright 1000 Number Set 500 Island 1 250
Checked 1000 Fruit Set 500 City 2 250
Plaid 1000 Shape1 Set 500 Frostwind 250
Stars 1000 Shape2 Set 500 A Rocket! 250
Tropical 1000 Mere Thief 250
Tiled 1000 Ooh Wilfre! 250
Vertical 1000 False Hope 250
Horizontal 1000 Sad Village 250
Snow Fight 250
Festival 250
Mari+Jowee 250
At Night 250
Yarrgh! 250
Trouble! 250
Farmin' 250
Special 250
City Funk 250
Alt. 250
Snow Game 3000

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Edit

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Isaac's Shop on Turtlerock, now called the Item Shop, undergoes a major change in appearance, taking on a more isometric style. The Item Shop doesn't play as large a part in the story as it did in the previous game. The Hero may still buy all the previous types of items although they no longer require that special tokens be collected in levels. With the except of the open scene of the game, Light of my Life and Real Life, which require all the Pirate Coins to be collected before the Hero may purchase them.


Items sold in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Isaac's Shop's Items (DTL:TNC)
Hero Guides Music Upgrades
Item Price Item Price Item Price
Alien 240 Track 1 42 Shooter 250
Capri 76 Track 2 150 Rapid Fire 750
Carnivore 76 Track 3 76 Hyper Shot 1500
Cosmo 240 Track 4 42 Slasher 250
Dark Armour 500 Track 5 150 Dbl. Slash 750
Doc Broc 240 Track 6 76 Final Atk. 1500
Fearless 120 Track 7 42 Slinger 250
Franz 240 Track 8 76 Omni Shot 750
Hiro 500 Track 9 150 Hurricane 1500
Icky 76 Track 10 777
Kendle 76 Track 11 800
Knuckles 240 Track 12 42
Lagarto 120 Track 13 360
Leslie 76 Track 14 76
Miko-Chan 500 Track 15 240
Mr Keeble 120 Track 16 360
Pip 120 Track 17 800
Santa 76 Track 18 480
Snowman 240 Track 19 800
Stuart 120 Track 20 480
Tobot 120 Track 21 240
Trent 500 Track 22 150
Track 23 480
Track 24 800
Track 25 240
Track 26 360
Track 27 240
Track 28 360
Track 29 480
Track 30 1000
Track 31 1500
Track 32 2000

Question TriviaEdit

  • When switching between menus or songs in the shop, all animations will pause for a brief moment before resuming.
  • The "Snow Melting" and "Day" textures are the same.
  • The item bag on the sign turns blue during winter.
  • According to his wife, Mya, Isaac spends too much time in his shop.
  • The shop is one of the few buildings to be without an orange roof.
  • It is the first building to be freed from darkness.
  • Mari and Cookie are the only Raposa seen purchasing items from the shop.
    • Although both Raposa were unable to spend their Rapo-Coins as Isaac either didn't carry the items, or had an "unfair" price.
  • The shop in the first game at the start carried neither books nor paint.
  • There are prices for the Normal and Bright color palettes even though you don't buy them, since you start the game already having them.
  • The shop in the first game has a storeroom on the second floor that's supposed to carry food and other items.
    • Although, due to Wilfre's vandalization of the Book of Life before the events of the game, they are empty.
  • A large fish is seen in a hanging net outside the shop on Turtle Rock.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

DTL2 Isaacs Shop

Shop Theme

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