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Hose Dragon






Species Dragon
Variant Hose
Health N/A
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops None
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Hose Dragons are enemies found in Lavasteam levels.

They emerge from lava pools and shoot fireballs at The Hero.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Hose Dragons are long, red dragons. They are made up of trumpet-like head pieces along with several body pieces.

They have small spikes on the back of their bodies, and a tan front side. They wear a helmet of some sort. The helmet appears to be red and gold with wings on the sides.

AButton LevelsEdit


Question TriviaEdit

  • They have one body piece sprite repeated.
  • Their official name was listed in The Art of 5thCell.
  • They are the second dragon to appear in the Drawn to Life series, the first being Frostwind.
    • Coincidentally, neither of them have legs or wings.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit