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Heather's Pendant

Heathers Pendant Alpha

Jowee necklace



Use Shows the way to new Villages
Village Object No
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Location The Ocean
Turtle Rock (Formerly)
Heather (Formerly)
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Heather's Pendant is a red jewel necklace that Heather possesses in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Heather's Pendant looks like a golden necklace, with a red jewel on it.

It bears some resemblance to Wilfre's Scepter, which may be why the latter's paintbrush is often mistaken for a gem.

Book Icon StoryEdit

The pendant is left behind when Heather is captured by Wilfre, which Jowee picks up. The Raposa soon find that it is a guide that they can use to show which of the villages they have to go to and help restore the Color of next. However, because Sock (or Wilfre) throws it into the ocean when they need to find Wilfre's Wasteland, they use his abandoned hat to find that place instead.

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