HeartSmall Small

HeartBig Small

Use To heal The Hero
Village Object No
Retrieved N/A
Location All levels in Drawn to Life
Games Dtl1LogoThumb

Hearts are the healing items in Drawn to Life.

In Drawn to Life, The Hero can take five hits before dying. When hit, the mannequin is exposed. The order of exposure starts with the arms, then moves on to the legs, body, and finally the head. If they are hit after that, The Hero loses a life and has to start that section of the level from the beginning. If The Hero has 0 lives left, then a game over message will appear on the screen. Once this occurs, the game continues from the last save point.

There are two kinds of hearts: small and large. Small hearts restore damage from up to two hits, whilst large hearts will fully restore The Hero.

Once collected, hearts will reappear a little more than a minute later.

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