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This page is a list of glitches in the Drawn to Life series.

Drawn to LifeEdit

Unopenable House Edit

There is a house on the third section of Banya Fields that cannot be opened or entered despite having an arrow on the door indicating it as being interactive.

Unlimited Space JumpsEdit

To do this glitch, go to Angle Isle, and ride the Whaleecopter. Once the ride is over, hop in the water and swim back to where the ride started. Sink down and almost sink off the screen. While barely visible, make it swim toward the platform where the Whaleecopter is first found and continue to swim toward it. The screen will scroll up. Press A rapidly to jump in mid-air when it appears.

Rapo-Islands Coin BugEdit

In the DS version of Drawn to Life, coins that appear from pots or crates in the green-door houses in the Rapo Islands will fall slower towards the ground, similarly to coins from defeating enemies in water in the same areas.

Falling off FrostwindEdit

To do this glitch, first use the invincibility cheat code (A,X,B,B,Y) before fighting Frostwind. When he begins to chase you, jump on top of him. Frostwind will fly upward with you on his back. When he dives into the hole, get off of him. When he comes out, jump back on him. He will fly higher and higher and higher until he screens right. You will fall off, and sometimes you will die when you hit the ground.

Floating Coin Glitch Edit

If there is a coin floating on top of a box or crate, you can destroy the boxes under it, and instead of falling to the ground, the coin floats in midair.

Disappearing RaposaEdit

In the first Drawn to Life game, if you are near the City Gate, if the male young Rapo rescued in Rapo City is close to the gate, he will run away really fast and disappear. This can work with different Raposa though. Normally this happens during cut-scenes. This has also been seen to happen with Tubba near the beach - he continued to walk out onto the water, towards the darkness on the edge of the map, and then just faded out.  This happened whilst Jowee was being talked to.

Still Enemy Glitch Edit

Many enemies remain in the same area off-screen until they appear onscreen. However sometimes the enemies do not transition into movement, and instead stay in one place until the player attacks or gets hit by the enemy. This glitch so far has only been found with enemies found in underwater levels in both Drawn to Life, and Drawn to Life:The Next Chapter (DS). These enemies include Bucket Jelly and Sea Harps.

Shadow Bat GlitchEdit

There is a chance of a glitch where the Shadow Bat's sprite does not move.

"Invisible" Wilfre GlitchEdit


On the left is the "normal" Wilfre; on the right is the "invisible" Wilfre.

During the End Boss battle VS Wilfre, if you go to hit him just before he says  "Oooh, now you

You will be stuck on this scene until you turn off the game.

die!" when you get his health down to the halfway point, he might still be see-through (and due to the screen being black practically invisible) from your previous attack.  This lasts until you continue the fight.  You must get the timing just right for this to work, however.

Neverending Wilfre GlitchEdit

If you try to make the Invisible Wilfre Glitch occur but in the process fall down one of the holes in the ground in the Shadow Lair, the game will glitch on Wilfre on the black screen before the speech box comes up.  You will see Wilfre floating (and the screen will still be moving) but the game will not progress any further beyond this point and you must turn off the game.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (DS)Edit

Punching through wallsEdit

If the player were to stand on the edge of a crate that is against a wall (or on the line in between two crates),they could punch through walls if they don't have any weapons equipped. In certain areas, one can use this glitch to skip sections of levels.

Death by fallingEdit

Occasionally, in certain places in the next chapter, such as Volcanic Core, the hero will randomly fall through the level, dying in the process. Ironically this can happen right next to the exit in level 1.This glitch can sometimes be remedied by switching to the spider form and clinging on to the 'top' of the block and swinging out, so that you are not touching the floor and cannot fall through it.

Map Room GlitchEdit

(This one happens in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter) Right after you are finished Galactic jungle, you get on Turtlerock to go to the map room to see where to go next and before you go in, go to the Main Menu area and then go back out side and then go look over the edge of Turtlerock (mainly where the steering wheel is) and all the Raposa are piled upon each other in the water. The only Raposa that isn't in the pile is Crazy Barks. During this glitch, he is behind a tree root. However, the player still can't speak to him.

Um everyone what i by antgirl1-d5yf6el

This is where to look and what it looks like.

Alien songEdit

Occasionally during The End or Real Life if you shut the DS and open it again the singers voice will oscillate wildly, making them sound really weird.

Fall through the floorEdit

This can only be preformed in Volcanic Core. First, you must morph into your blob form and squeeze through the small space at the beginning, and go to the space where you can turn into your normal form. Go to the right and then the left. You should see your hero fall through. This glitch can be preformed as many times as you want.

The Hero GlitchEdit

Sometimes, in the Next Chapter, when starting a new game, you will draw your hero and everything will seem normal, until gameplay. A messed up version of your previous save file's hero will be your playable character. If you go to creation hall to fix it, you will notice that your current Hero's profile sprite is empty, like a New Hero option, while the second profile labeled New Hero will have the hero you drew there as the playable sprite. Unfortunately it doesn't let you select it. If you go in to "edit" that hero and give it a name, the canvas in the edit option will be blank. The only way to fix this is to start an entire new game.

The Ghost of the Hero GlitchEdit

Similar in occurrence to the above glitch, there is a chance that a glitch will occur during the opening section after the intro. During this time, it is possible that your former Hero character will appear near the front of the Creation Hall. No other effects seem to occur.

Moving RaposaEdit

It's easy to not notice, but when playing the Next Chapter, some Raposa sprites will load before a scene. In scenes such as Salem's confrontation in the courtyard, or Click arresting Kamalah for sneezing, you will see the sprites slightly off screen running. When it happens in Salem's confrontation scene, when your hero jumps in, you will be able to see Mari and Jowee walking at a normal pace at the top of the screen slightly over all the other scenery, until you press A. In the Galactic Jungle, you will see the SPUD officer and Kamalah being pushed to the end of the map, staying there for as long as you stay in that zone. It will go away after you complete the Spaceship level to get to area II of the Galactic Jungle.

Texture GlitchesEdit

At Watersong after Salem tells you that 'time is ticking' right before he walks away, the grey side and the normal side of his cape switch places (like he's looking in a mirror). Rose's bow will always disappear when she turns to her left. (Except when Rose is singing the song to give her voice to her son)

Falling through the Hall of DarknessEdit

In the second stage in the Hall of Darkness where you use the Blob Form to squeeze through the passageways, go to the top firefly switch buried in the boxes by using the Blob and the Spider Forms. Break the boxes then transform into a Spider. You will phase through the stage and you will be a Spider in the Blob Form passageways. Your legs will spaz out of control. The only way to fix this is to transform into the Blob Form.

Invisible Obstacle GlitchEdit

Right after you find Moe and he leaves, if you go back to the place he was standing, there is an invisible obstacle that you cannot walk through, and you can jump on top of.

Hero Form Glitch Edit

When entering water or an 'in-level cutscene', The Hero must be in their original form. If they enter the scene in blob form, the game will try to put them back in normal form. In some cases, if scenes are entered in blob mode the game will briefly turn The Hero into the spider form before turning them back to normal. If one hasn't unlocked the spider form, then the spider form would appear entirely white.

The Leftover HeroEdit

If the player creates a second Hero and starts a new game, the game won't remove the second Hero.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)Edit

Infinite Slide Glitch/Car GlitchEdit

In the Wii version of The Next Chapter, if you slide off of the roof of a building, there is a high chance that you will keep on sliding along, even on a completely flat surface.

Example: When heading to the Jangala gate, just as you reach the tip of the purplish building, slide and you will keep sliding all the way past the gate.

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