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Giant Robosa

Species N/A
Variant None
Health ?
Attacks ?
Battle Phases
Location Lavasteam
Volcanic Core
Level Number
Boss Number 2
Saved None
Games Dtl2LogoThumb
Previous Level
LS ClockworkTower
Clockwork Tower
Next Level
GJ CosmicBog
Cosmic Bog

The Giant Robosa is the boss of Lavasteam in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Attack Axe Battle Edit

There are several steps The Hero must complete in order to defeat this boss. The Hero must keep shooting the Giant Robosa's hand once it pounds to the ground. Keep doing that until it loses much of its health. They may then back up and try to punch The Hero with its fists. When it does, shoot or hit the fist. Repeat this process until The Hero is sucked in. There is a mechanical eye that shoots out fireballs, aided by a missile launcher. The eye must be destroyed.

Once the eye is defeated, the Giant Robosa will spit The Hero back out. After another round of damaging its hand, it will suck The Hero in again.

Another eye must be defeated, but this time, there is a treadmill. The treadmill can be used to dodge missiles. After destroying the second eye, The Hero will be returned to the Giant Robosa for the last time. Repeat the hand phase.

When the Giant Robosa is defeated, he will suck The Hero in to face the heart. There are two missiles, a moving platform, and a health item. Once the heart is destroyed, The Hero will be spit out for the last time, and it will show the Giant Robosa sinking into the lava.

Question Trivia Edit

  • Despite being inside the robot, a town can be seen in the background from inside. They might be its parts, though.
  • Crazy Diggz calls the Giant Robosa "The Earthquake Monster".
  • The Giant Robosa is the only boss in the game that has the standard boss theme playing where weapons can be used.
  • When it's defeated, it makes Wilfre's sound effects.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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