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This board is for off-topic conversation -- a place to hang out with your Drawn to Life friends.

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Lock's Quest21:53, April 6, 2017BreGee
Discord...16:50, February 7, 2017The lone shadowbat.
ReDrawn to Life!12:23, December 10, 2016BenDingo
Should the colour have been drained in the next chapter to save the Raposa?16:03, December 7, 2016Manere
Mr. man dog sr.16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
Drawn to life dreams?16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
Anyone else get annoyed by the amount of people who think Wilfre is a hero for his actions in TNC?16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
What has anyone heard of or made inspired by drawn to life16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
I'm back!16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
Happy Easter... and Here's a Picture16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
Google translates "Real life"16:02, December 7, 2016Manere
We're the Raposa alive?16:01, December 7, 2016Manere
What would you want if there was a new dtl?16:01, December 7, 2016Manere

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