Flyin' Rabbit


Rabbit Flying

Rabbit Hurt

Species Rabbit
Variant Flying
Health HeartSmall SmallHeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops SilverCoin Small
Games Dtl1LogoThumb

Flyin' Rabbits are enemies in Drawn to Life. They are rabbit-like enemies that fly using their ears as propellers and then glide down. They are found in the Forest Gate levels and take two hits to defeat.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Flyin' Rabbits are round, pinkish-white furred creatures with over-sized ears. They have two stumpy feet located on the bottom of their body.

AButton LevelsEdit

Question TriviaEdit

  • This enemy is referred to as "Snow Flyer" in Drawn to Life's code.
    • Furthermore, this enemy is grouped with other Snow Gate enemies and assets despite only being used in the Forest Gate.
      • This, along with pre-release screen-captures of the game, may indicate that what is now the Forest Gate (World 2) was originally intended to be similar to what is now the Snow Gate (World 1) in the final copy.
  • This enemy only makes an appearance in two levels.

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