Exit Gate
Use Allows The Hero to exit a level.
Village Object No
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Location Most levels
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…I'll meet you at the exit gate!


Exit Gates are the end-of-level doors that appear at the end of almost every level in Drawn to Life, except Boss Levels and the Snow Fields. The gates cannot be opened to exit the level unless all four pieces of the level's Template have been found, nor can they be accessed if all of the level's Raposa have not been found.  The way onward will be barred with a thick cloud of darkness that covers the right of the screen, preventing any further traveling.

NoteIcon TipsEdit

  • There are often picket signs or other markers that indicate that The Hero is approaching an Exit Gate. These are useful as they allow the player a chance to go back and look for any skipped Secrets or items before the level is ended.
    • Exceptions to this include levels such as Gearworks.

Question Trivia Edit

  • The four Templates act as keys to open the doors. The gates will lock down on all four of the pieces, which will unlock the large padlock on the gates. The padlock will then simply fall to the ground and the doors will open for The Hero to exit the level.
  • You are told that the gate is near by 3 signs you pass as you get closer.
  • Raposa seem to teleport to the exit gate once rescued.
  • All exit gates lead back to the world gate.
  • Exit gates cannot be seen in boss levels.
    • This is becauses there aren't templates to be collected during those levels.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

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