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Name Dock
Type Transportation.
Use Where Pirate Beard's ship is docked.
Location Raposa Village
Creation No
Owner N/A
Residents N/A
Games Dtl1LogoThumbDtl2LogoThumb
Quick! Everyone get to me ship!

Pirate Beard

The Dock is a building in Drawn to Life located in the northwestern portion of the Village.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

The Dock area consists of a boathouse and the actual village dock. The overall design of the two buildings remained mostly constant throughout both games, taking on a more isometric style in the sequel.

The boathouse has the typical orange roof most buildings in the village have. It appears to have two floors. The second floor completely consists of a wooden deck. The dock, like the deck and support beams of the building, appears to be made of wood. The dock also appears to have a set of wooden stairs leading up to it.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Drawn to LifeEdit

After it is cleared of Darkness and the Lighthouse is colored in, Pirate Beard's ship lands here. At the end of the game, the Dock is seen again, when the ship departs with Jowee seemingly on board.  Later, it is  revealed that Jowee actually changed his mind about going on the treasure hunt and decided to stay behind with Mari, choosing her over adventure.

The Lighthouse can be seen from here.

Drawn to Life: The Next ChapterEdit

When Wilfre is draining the village of its color, the remaining villagers that he did not capture with a portal [namely Mari, Jowee, Pirate Beard, Isaac, Cindi, and Crazy Barks] come here in the hopes of escaping on Pirate Beard's ship. They arrive only to discover that someone has taken the ship away.  After a quick, desperate prayer to The Creator, Turtle Rock appears (a "legendary beastie" according to Pirate Beard), and the villagers escape onto there from the Dock.

The Dock is the last area of the village to lose its color and only does so once Mari leaves the Village for Turtle Rock.

Question TriviaEdit

  • In Drawn to Life, 7 wood planks make up the dock.
    • It has 6 in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.
  • In Drawn to Life, there are 5 stairs on the dock.
    • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chaper, there are 4.
  • After turning the clouds over the dock grey, a task prompt appears saying: "Clear the darkness from over the east beach!"

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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