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Species Raposa
Gender Female
Age Adult
Fur Color Orange Fur
Blue Hair
Home Watersong
Role Villager
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Dtl2LogoThumb

If only Rose asked for help instead of trying to do everything herself, perhaps she wouldn't be in this pinch.


Desiree is a Raposa in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. She resides in the east side of Watersong.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Desiree has orange fur and dark blue hair. She sports a bun and a red flower in her hair. She wears a red dress and red/pink gloves.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Due to a glitch, Antoinette shares her name with this Raposa at the end of the game.

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

The stage has been so lonely... It really does feel best with her presence here.


If only Rose asked for help instead of trying to do everything herself, perhaps she wouldn't be in this pinch.


Hmph. I don't mean to sound ingrateful...
But it's not like Rose is the only rapo in Watersong who can sing.
If she has cold feet, perhaps it's fine for her to step down and let someone else take center stage?



PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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