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Cricket Walk Behind




Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Adult
Fur Color Tan
Home Raposa Village
Role Protagonist
Police Chief
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumbDtl2LogoThumb

The village needs an investigator?! I'd be honored to help!
I will see you at the exit gate!

–Cricket, Drawn to Life

Cricket is a police chief and detective in Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. He lives and works at the Police Station in the southern-most sector of the Village. Cricket and his deputies are rescued from Moon Grove and after the Moon Page is returned to the Book of Life, The Creator must clear the Shadow from around his station before he can work on returning the missing items and capturing Zsasha. Despite his investigation taking most of the game, Cricket does eventually capture Zsasha. Once he discovers that Zsasha has been taking care for a young RapoGirl, Cricket allows him to stay and look after her. His approach to work is very old-school, which ends up causing a feud with Unagi over bringing his methods up to date.

After Wilfre's second attack on the Village, Cricket is sucked into a portal and taken to Galactic Jungle. Ironically, he is arrested for eating a donut. If you rescue him from Lunar Rise, then he will thank you and talk about the security on TurtleRock.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

He has tan fur that closely matches his skin tone. He wears a blue uniform with brown buttons and a matching blue English Police Helmet. He also has a mustache.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Cricket barely played a part in returning the items that were stolen by Zsasha, instead The Hero did most of the work.
    • This is probably because The Hero rescued Zsasha from Twilite Woods and in return Zsasha didn't flee when they were near.

Quote Icon Quotes Edit

The village needs an investigator?! I'd be honored to help!
I will see you at the exit gate!


I can't resist a good investigation!


Upon being appointed by the Mayor.

I finally caught Zsasha


Upon completion of the first game.


PaintingIcon Media Edit

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