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Species N/A
Gender N/A
(Sometimes referred to as male)
Age N/A
Fur Color N/A
Home N/A
Role Creator, God, Player.
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumbDtl2LogoThumb

Let there be color.

–The Creator

The Creator is the term used for the player and God of Drawn to Life. As the name implies, they are the creator of the Raposa World and the Book of Life. The Creator sent The Creation Hero and restored color to the world. They can speak directly to the Raposa and can interact with their world; The Creator usually has The Hero as the intermediary. The Raposa doubted them at first when the Eternal Flame burnt out, but have resumed in trusting them. They are revealed to represent God in Real Life at the end of the sequel.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Long before anything existed there was The Creator, who designed the Book of Life. The Creator drew everything in the book and brought it into existence. First, The Creator formed a circle and drew the world. They populated the world with forests, and finally created the Raposa.

Several years before Mari was born, Wilfre questioned why the Raposa were forbidden to design their own creations. He then stole the Book of Life. When he was chased out of the Raposa Village, he tore the book in blind fury and ruined the key pages before tossing them into the wind. The Creator grieved over the loss, and sealed off Creation Hall. Without the pages or The Creator, the village began to wither away. Darkness crept in, and the Eternal Flame flickered out.

Drawn to Life Edit

When Wilfre destroyed the Book of Life, The Creator fell into a great depression and essentially left the village to wither away. When Mari prayed to The Creator, they answered and instructed her to gather what villagers are left at Creation Hall. The Creator then filled a mannequin with their presence to create The Hero to help relieve the village of the suffocating darkness, restore the village to its former glory, and defeat Wilfre.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Edit

When Wilfre stole the color from the village, The Creator sent Turtle Rock as a place of refuge for the Raposa. The Creator then revived The Hero after Wilfre began to drain the color from him, and proceeded to disarm him of his Scepter.

Quote Icon Quotes Edit

I have heard your cry and will provide a hero to help restore the village... But first you must gather the villagers and bring them to creation hall


I will not help you restore the village.


Your request requires a hero... Mari, your father is in trouble!


I fill this mannequin with my presence! I will add color to its frame! And movement to its joints! Together, we will restore this village...


Wilfre, no more.


You will not have him. He will fight you. He will win, he is not yours to control.


You know nothing.



PaintingIcon Media Edit

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