Cookie's Restaurant





Name Cookie's Restaurant
Type Commercial (Restaurant)
Use A restaurant for villagers
Location Village
Creation No
Owner Cookie
Residents Cookie
Games Dtl1LogoThumb

Cookie's Restaurant is a location in Drawn to Life. It is found in the center-most portion of the Village, and is owned by Chef Cookie after he is rescued from Banya Fields. Shortly after his rescue, he asks The Creator to draw him a sign for his restaurant because trees block the view and slow business.

Soon after Cookie reestablishes his business, a mob of hungry Raposa gather near the restaurant. Tubba hears about this, and in disbelief, rushes in to defend the shop and in extension, the Banya. This act causes Cookie to reconsider Tubba, no longer thinking of him as a nuisance.

Later on in the game when the Night page is returned to The Book of Life, Zsasha sneaks in and steals Cookie's cutlery. Although, he does return it after the Moon is restored.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Raposa are never actually seen purchasing food here.
    • This is most likely a technical limitation because he never complains about a lack of business.
  • It is the second building to be freed from the darkness.
  • The restaurant uses four different color palettes throughout the game.
  • The restaurant lacks a "snow" palette, and as such the building is not rendered under the Shadow Clouds until Cookie's rescue.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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