City Gate



Gate Number 4
Gate Creations Kaorin Bush
Gate Element City
Levels Rapocity
Windy Hills
Rapo Towers
Boss N/A
Area North-Eastern segment of The Village
Games Dtl1LogoThumb
Previous Gate
Beach Gate
Next Gate
Secret Door

The City Gate is the fourth world in Drawn to Life. The boss in the City Gate must be accessed through the Secret Door.

AButton Levels Edit

World 4-1 Edit

Rapocity is the first level in the City Gate. The Hero has to rescue Mike, a Rapo Girl, and a Rapo Boy, and collect the Template Page for the Secret Door.

World 4-2 Edit

Windy Hills is the second level in the City Gate. The Hero has to rescue Unagi and his operators, and collect the Template Page for the Legendary Sword.

World 4-3 Edit

Rapo Towers is the third level in the City Gate. The Hero has to rescue Dr. Cure and two of her assistants. The Hero also has to collect the Mayor Page for the Book of Life (the page where the names of all the Mayors of the Raposa Village are recorded)..

The Secret Door Edit

The Secret Door is the entrance to the Shadow Lair. It is unlocked by finding the Template in Rapocity, and by completing Rapo Towers.

JoweeThumbSmallRescued CharactersEdit



Dr. Cure


  • At one point in the game, The Mayor called the City Gate "Rapoville Gate".

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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