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Species Raposa
Shadow Being
Gender Female
Age Adult
Fur Color Orange
Red Hair
Home Raposa Village
Role Pro/Antagonist
Last Known Status Deceased
Game(s) Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)

Wilfre was an artistic genius, a genius! My poor sweet snookums was destroyed by fools like YOU!


Circi was the deputy mayor of the Raposa village in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii). She was Mari's mayoral assistant.

Originally she was obedient, helpful, slightly neurotic, and cautious. As her character progressed, she discovered more about Wilfre and falls in love with him. A dark side of her was unleashed. She became cruel, manipulative, and beastly.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Circi is a wide-eyed female Raposa with orange fur and long red hair. She wore a black dress with white lace and buttons and a red earring in one ear.

Book Icon Story Edit

She asks The Hero to gather several artifacts, apparently because Wilfre has returned and she wants to stop his plan.

At the end of the game, she admits she is actually in love with Wilfre and wants to bring him back from the dead. She tries to draw Wilfre to revive him, but forgets what he looks like, and creates a scribble monster out of the artifacts. The monster then presumably kills her. She also has a shadow form, much like Wilfre. She is seen in Shadow City and mistaken for Wilfre at one point of the game.

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

Fortunately, Mari has me to help her. Hi! I'm Circi! I'm the deputy mayor!


Circi introducing herself.

Crazybarks! We should have never let that demented Rapo in our village...


Is it safe? He isn't going to bite me, is he?


Circi talking about Crazy Barks.

I don't get what all the big fuss is over some old book?


Circi before being told Wilfre's backstory.

I understand why this is so important to you. What can we do to help?


After Mari tells Circi the events of the first game.

Good thinking, Jowee... Once a thief, always a thief! I never trusted that guy!


Circi talking about Zsasha.

Zsasha must be the best thief in the world to go this long without being caught by a hero as might as you, Hero!


I admit I don't know much about this Wilfre.


Oh, Jowee, if what you say about the Shadow City is true...


That must have been Wilfre's Journal. I knew it! WILFRE HAS RETURNED!


I wonder what is in Wilfre's journal that is so valuable...



Question TriviaEdit

  • While in shadow form, her earring is clearly visible unlike the rest of her which is covered in Shadow. It is also red, which means it could possibly have something to do with Wilfre's Scepter or Heather's pendant.
  • Her name may be based upon the character Circe, a witch from The Odyssey who turns men into swine until she meets the hero Odysseus, whom she falls in love with and surrenders to his will, much like what Circi does with Wilfre.
  • Circi might be the narrator for the game's opening.

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