This category is for use on pages whose overall fate is still being determined. This category is only to be used in conjunction with the Limbo template.

Articles in Limbo can either be removed, merged, or left alone. Like other categories of the same nature, community approval is necessary before any action can be taken.

If you add the Limbo template to the page you must specify the reason for the proposed merge.

The Limbo template allows for user input explaining their reasoning and is the preferred method of communicating merges. To add the template to a page type:


This will appear as:

This Article is in Limbo!

This means that a user has decided the information on this page is redundant and should be merged or deleted, but either hasn't gotten around to it or requires approval from the Wiki community.
You can help the Wiki by deciding what to do with this article on the Talk Page or by diversifying the information found within this article.

This article should be merged with Article for the following reason: Reason

Please be aware that any edits made since the addition of this tag may not be included in the merged page or may be deleted. Check to see if this article already has been merged and make edits on that article; this page could be awaiting deletion!

If no reason is specified by the user who added it, a default message will display.


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