• Crystal Lugia

    Hi guys, I can't seem to display pages with "big" spoiler alerts (where the whole article is hidden from view unless you choose "Yes" to say you want to display it).  When I click on Yes, nothing happens... the article is still hidden under fog.

    Is this just a problem in my browser (I'm using FireFox, which has been known to cause issues) or does anyone else have it as well?

    I remember clicking "Yes" on these spoiler alerts in the past and it working fine, but something seems to have been reset (? idk exactly how these things work) and I can't view the articles anymore.

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  • The lone shadowbat.

    Hello peeps, I will be doing a drawn to life drawing stream soon, and I need your help. More info can be found here.

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  • BreGee

    This just feels weird... Uhhh.... Oh well???

    (Also the categories are on both the top and bottom of a page. That's weird.)

    Anyway, lets figure things out together!

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  • Evalinge

    Keep up the good work, Manere!

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  • BreGee

    Don't mind me...

    March 9, 2017 by BreGee

    (Here have whatever this is.)

    Mya: What do you want to be when you grow up Cindi?

    Cindi: I wanna be mermaid!

    Mya: Cindi, you can't be a mermaid.

    Cindi: Then I'll be a pirate!

    Mya: I don't think...

    Isaac: You know what I think Cindi? I think you can be whatever you want to be.

    Cindi: *hugs Isaac* Thanks Dawdy!


    Cindi: Bye Mummy! Bye Dawdy!

    Mya and Isaac: 0__0

    Mya: Isaac.

    Isaac: Uhhh....

    Mya: I want a divorce.

    Isaac: ^^;

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  • BreGee

    Stone Pillar Drawing Prompt

    January 19, 2017 by BreGee

    Okay... one has a period, and the other has an exclamation point... Uh...... I don't know what to say about this... Is one in the original, and the other in the collection? Was is it an issue with the pixels shifting? What is even real? But seriously, what should we do with these?

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  • Manere


    January 5, 2017 by Manere
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  • BreGee

    Happy Holidays!

    December 25, 2016 by BreGee

    Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a really good year for The Drawn to Life Wiki, and I hope everyone had a really amazing year! The wiki looks very beautiful with all of the snow falling down. In fact it kinda feels relaxing. (Keep up the good work Manere!) May everyone have a good fantastic day, as well as a hopeful new year! I'm really proud of you guys!

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  • StrykerGames

    Staff Positions

    December 21, 2016 by StrykerGames


    So, I've been on this forum for about a month now, and I want to shoot for a chat or content mod position. Are those spots open? If so, please inform me if I am eligible for either.

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  • Wazamaga

    Hello everybody!

    So recently I've been on a pretty big nostalgia trip, and along with digging up old screenshots of games that I played years ago, I stumbled across the Drawn to Life series again, and realized how much of an impact they had on my creative thought.

    As a result, when I found this Wiki and read through it a bit, I decided "You know what, I might as well try my hand at this!" I've never done much Wiki work before, but I'm pretty competent at the games, as well as having a fairly good memory of what happened in the story.

    So far I've worked on expanding some Article Stubs I've seen, namely the weapons from the first game, and I have a few questions for those willing to answer them, mostly referring to the as of yet unfinished Manual o…

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  • BreGee

    Home Poll History

    December 17, 2016 by BreGee

    I'm making this to make things a little bit easier.

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  • StrykerGames


    December 13, 2016 by StrykerGames

    Ever wonder about vehicles other than the spaceship? What should be driveable?

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  • Hoppingclams343


    December 12, 2016 by Hoppingclams343

    OY! HELLO!

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  • StrykerGames


    December 7, 2016 by StrykerGames

    So, I'm playing Drawn to Life 2 again, and I just reached the first level of lavasteam, where you get the blob transformation. I personally favor the spider transformation, but I wondered, what would people like to see added as a transformation? A wolf? A bird? Post your answer in a comment!

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  • StrykerGames

    Dear Mods,

    Are you guys going to keep changing the backgrounds? If so, when are you going to and why?

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  • Seanmcchapman

    I'm on a mission to continue our beloved game's story. The story never has to end, but it does end when no one tells it. So we must continue the story in some manor, but also make the story from the games availbe in more than one format to make it last longer(won't be forgotten). Fan stories/games are as canon and if not meaningful as the stories that started it all, but the stories must connect and move forward, rather than repeating itself. 

    • What happened to the Raposa after Mike left? 
    • What's the difference between the creator and player?

    Character Location(Last seen)
    Player ...(The player's last scripted action)
    "Creator" ...(The creator's last actions and words)


    In a hospital bed at "earth?"
    Mike(RAP world) ?Standing next to the Eternal Flame?

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  • BreGee


    December 1, 2016 by BreGee

    Hi guys! I've been wondering what we are going to do with quotes category wise. So far, the only category we have for quotes is . The only page I imagine we're keeping on there is the Generic Raposa Characters/Quotes page. Aside from that, there are only 3 images there. I don't think this category should be removed, but I do think that we should add more images to the category. On top of this, I have an idea.

    I'm thinking about making a 'Quote' category with 'Character Quotes' and 'Creation Quotes' as subcategories. What do you guys think?

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  • BreGee

    Feeling Spooky

    October 31, 2016 by BreGee

    Hi everyone! I can't believe it's Halloween already! Soon Christmas music will be playing... But before that happens, let's celebrate the time of year for SHADOW! How are you guys enjoying Halloween so far?

    The wiki looks kinda freaky doesn't it? The shadow must've taken over... Or maybe it's haunted? Either way, I wouldn't wander around the wiki at night... *shivers*

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  • BreGee

    Funny Sprites

    October 10, 2016 by BreGee

    Hey guys! There are so many different sprites from the drawn to Life games! Do you know what this means? This means that many of the sprites on the wiki look... kinda silly. So what are the silliest and craziest sprites you have seen on the wiki? And what makes them so funny to look at? Tell me in the comments! :)

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  • BreGee

    Blogs are Back!!

    October 4, 2016 by BreGee

    Hello everyone! Blogs are back! I've brought them back a while ago to look back at them. That was quite a while before I knew the forums were being replaced, but if you REALLY don't like the old forums you can use blogs instead! It might not be any sort of forum, but hey! The more ways to communicate, the better! I can't wait to see all of your future blogs!

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  • Touli

    Okkkkkayy. So I think we need to decide what to do with character statuses. This blog post is continued from my previous blog titled "character statuses". So you should read that one first.

    And following that I think we should decide once and for all whether or not we should have the character statuses in the raposa pages at all.

    I think this is what we should do:

    Go onto all the character pages and get rid of the status sections. Then just leave it as that.

    However im sure many other users probably want them to stay. So I think we should take a vote. Whichever side wins the vote:

    Side one: keep the statuses

    Side two: get rid of them

    Is the action that is taken. 

    However if anyone disagrees with my idea of a vote I'm willing to reconsider. 

    Please …

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  • Touli

    Character statuses

    March 8, 2016 by Touli

    I'd like to bring back the discussion of the character statuses on the wiki. Where it says their status "alive deceased or unknown" most of the Raposa are on "alive".

    Now I understand everyone's reasons. I get that its quite a big part of the character pages and its a huge spoiler, but regardless the fact still remains that the Raposa are dead.

    By putting them on alive we are more or less lying to the readers. 

    The fact of the matter is on the wiki we should have true information, not false information.

    And in the games the Raposa are dead at this current point in time. 

    Ok to keep it short the point is the Raposa are dead and even if it is a spoiler if we put their statuses as "alive" it is false information on the wiki. And readers will begin …

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  • Touli
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  • Touli

    I have a question?

    February 16, 2016 by Touli

    Does anyone know the specific date 505 Games bought the rights for Drawn to life off THQ? I've looked on google and can't really find it, but I'm sure it has to be somewhere, does anyone here know?

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  • Touli

    Post opinions in comments.

    505 Games bought the rights to all the drawn to life games, that includes the wii version. Most of us probably already know that the original has been ported to iOS by 505 Games and WayforwardTechnologies. However, will the ds sequel be ported as well? And what about the wii version? After all that one was bought by 505 Games as well right?

    The main problem with the wii version is that you use the wii remote to draw. So your creations come out all scribbly and rather messy. If the game was ported to iOS that problem would be solved, therefore the game may be a lot better if 505 Games did port it to iOS devices. 

    On the other hand the story was rather bad.... the twist with Circi was alright I guess but still.

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  • BreGee


    February 8, 2016 by BreGee

    Just out of curiousity,

    In your opinion, who is the most memorable character in the Drawn to Life series?

    Memorable Characters:

    • Jowee
      According to Manere , BenDingo, Crystal Lugia, and Touli
    • Crazy Barks
      According to BenDingo,and Crystal Lugia
    • Wilfre
      According to Crystal Lugia

    And Who is the least memorable?

    NonMemorable Characters:

    • Indee
      According to BenDingo
    • Mya(and most of the other generic raposa )
      According to BenDingo
    • Galileothere is a caption already on here when I put his sprite up...  Just look, trust me! XD 
      According to Manere, and Crystal Lugia
    • TNC Villagers
      According to Crystal Lugia

    Please state your reasoning.

    [NOTE: it doesn't matter whether the character is major or minor, as long as there is a good reason why it is memorable, or not...  And i…

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  • BenDingo

    Which Raposa are you?

    February 6, 2016 by BenDingo

    Roll up, Roll up! As BenDingo proudly presents: The Which Raposa are you quiz!

    This is the one for Drawn to Life, there is one for the Next chapter coming soon!

    Just answer these questions and count the results at the end! (Note that Mike is not included in this quiz as he is a human.)

    1. Wilfre has just torn up the pages to the book of life and darkness has started to appear! How do you feel?

    A: Oh dear! We need the Creator he will always help us!

    B: Hmm... To stop Wilfre... What an adventure that would be!

    C: Oh no, we must help the villagers!

    D: ...

    E: Good, All that power should belong to him...

    F: This Wilfre is a major security threat we must stop him!

    G: Darkness, I have good night vision, This gives me an advantage to do whatever I want...


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  • Manere

    Wiki Adoption

    January 31, 2016 by Manere

    Last November a poll was held concerning new admins being elected to help out with the maintenance work around here. After a week, and when everyone has voted, the poll was shut down and the results were counted. It's been a few months since then, and BreGee and I have have posted a request to adopt the Wiki based on the results of the initial poll.

    The main purpose of this blog post is to update everyone on this change and to ensure that us adopting the Wiki sits well with the majority of the editors here. We'd like to hear everyone's input on this, so please leave a comment with your feedback.

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  • BreGee

    Hero Templates

    January 26, 2016 by BreGee

    Out of curiosity, is there a page for hero templates? I don't think there is...

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  • The mega lettuce

    Give it a go :D. I guarentee you've never heard it before its not one of the really big and well viewed ones, its actually been hardly viewed at all. And in my opinion its the greatest remix of the song! Please guys just give it a go plesae XD.

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  • BenDingo


    January 22, 2016 by BenDingo

    Hello Everyone!

    I've just been scanning over the wiki and looking at quotes within articles, and the quote pages themselves.

    Now, I'm sure you know this, but we shouldn't try to include every single thing that a Raposa says!! That would end in disaster! It would be crowded, we'd here half of conversations, and it would take forever! Instead, we just need quotes that really show the personality of a Raposa, things like, thoughts on the festival, thoughts on Bosses, thoughts on Zsasha and Wilfre! Not things like "Okay" or "Hi!".

    The Mayor says things like "Let me place it back in the book of life" and "Hrmmm there we go, just like before!" Over and over again, so things like that can be included.

    I don't mean to sound rude in any way at all and …

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  • The mega lettuce

    There was a third game all along just nobody noticed it? Each and every member of the dtl fandom was completly unaware of the fact there was a third game but most gamers outside the fandom knew about it? That is why there is no record in the fandom of a third game. It had TV, radio, magazine AND PUBLIC adverts just the Drawn To Life Fans never noticed them where as the people outside the fandom all realized it and assumed we all knew? 

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  • Duplicated Worlds


    January 14, 2016 by Duplicated Worlds

    Hello everyone! So first I'll introduce myself. I've been lurking around this wiki for like, forever! I then, up till now decided to make an account and take about this underrated series. If I describe my childhood in one sentence, it'd be Drawn to Life. Nostalgic and everything. I have so many thoughts and questions about this game. I suppose I shall start.


    1. Why is this so underrated? So I started replaying this the other day and wanted to go for a Google search. I was so surprised in seeing that the DTL fandom is so small and the amount of fan art is disappointing. But it's completely fine, as it is an older series and not many pe…

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  • Clayblob

    are jellyfish squids

    January 3, 2016 by Clayblob

    help plz

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  • Crystal Lugia

    I thought I would say... happy new year to everyone!

    I am ahead of most/all of you due to time zones, so I am going to be living in the future  :D  just kidding!  But the new year will roll around to me before you guys, I guess.

    In any case, all the best for 2016!  It's been a good year (I hope!)  : )

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  • BenDingo

    Roll up! Roll up! One and all as BenDingo proudly presents... THE DESIGN A RAPO CONTEST RESULTS!

    Congrats to The lone shadowbat, Crystal Lugia and BreGee! Your entries have won!

    In third place is The lone shadowbat's Winter Raposa! This is an amazing drawing and the reason I added a 3rd place in this contest! Your artistry and creativity are superb you have great skill and I hope you enter some of the future contests!

    In second place is Crystal Lugia's RapoCrystal Lugia! You have out true dedication into this contest, I love how you've drawn this Rapo and characterised yourself in this way! You have a great style of drawing and show true skill, Great work!

    In first place is BreGee's Hunter! This is such a cute Rapo and you have been really cre…

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  • Crystal Lugia

    Merry Christmas!!

    December 25, 2015 by Crystal Lugia

    Pretty much what the title says...

    Merry Christmas everybody!!

    ...mine's already finished so...  XD

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  • BreGee

    Generic Raposa Names

    December 16, 2015 by BreGee

    Okay to be honest, for most of these guys, I'm unsure what to call them...

    We all know this is a RapoGirl. Although while in one message it's one word, another has them two seperate words.

    In the wiki, we call this little guy a 'RapoBoy' However,At one point this little guy is called A'Young Rapo'

    This is also what we call the adult rapo. However we shouldn't call him this because the game calls RapoBoy this.Nobody likes to be confused.

    The Old Rapo, doesn't seem to have anything wrong with his name...yet.

    As for the other 2 generic female rapos, I honestly think calling them the same thing as their male counterparts and adding '(Female)' to it is... (I don't know how to describe it but it just feels wrong to me...) It's just a shame that they …

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  • BreGee


    December 13, 2015 by BreGee

    Should there be a new infobox made? One specialy made for characters with Official Art... Or have images that aren't sprites! Think about it! Not only is it all there, but there wouldn't be any need for galerys!

    NOTE:This is only an idea... NOT a request!!!

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  • BenDingo

    The Story section

    December 13, 2015 by BenDingo

    Hello fellow Wiki members, I have been examining various articles on this wiki, and I have noticed that there is a variety of ways of getting there story across. In my opinion it is best to have a story heading, and two sub headings for DTL and TNC under the heading. Examine this

    Brief description/back story. In DTL: He was saved from a Whaleecopter and resides near the lighthouse. In TNC: He is saved from the Galactic Jungle and becomes best friends with Kaine. Fate: Is swallowed by a shadow walker. Fades away once Mike wakes up and remains in the Raposa world*.

    Please note this example is from a character not in the drawn to life series.

    *This is another point I wanted to raise, in my view the Raposa did not die once Mike woke up, the Rapo…

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  • BreGee

    More about Turtle Rock?!?

    December 12, 2015 by BreGee

    I don't rememer how I thought of this, but today I remembered a story I learned in elementry school. It was Indian folklore that explained why there were earthquakes. I thought it might've inspired Turtle Rock...

    I looked it up, and this is the closest thing to what I'm talking about...

    What do you guys think?

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  • TemporalApparition

    So, I own a small little DTL forum that's been sitting around in the WIP stage for several years, mostly because there aren't a lot of DTL fans active anymore. But now that there's been a sudden influx of activity here, maybe it's worth finishing and opening to the public, if people are interested.

    And you know I complain about fanon / fan theories being posted on the Wiki, well a forum like that would be ideal for those kind of discussions and people would no longer have to post them here for any reason.

    I would also be looking for moderators, not just users, if enough people are interested. That means people not only to help me moderate the forum itself but also to make decisions on ways to improve it.

    This isn't meant to be a shameless adv…

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  • TemporalApparition

    I've noticed that the current active users seem to be focusing on adding images and media to articles (this isn't a criticism - you're doing a good job!)

    However, most if not all of the character pages are currently suffering from a lack of information and in some cases too much bias. Those pages need to be expanded and possibly rewritten completely to fit the ideal standard of quality. In their current state, character pages are opinionated and seem to have too much fanon (that means fan interpretation of the characters) for a Wiki entry. This Wikia is supposed to be informative, not speculative, and the pages need to reflect that.

    I think I'm going to take up this task myself, and solely focus on improving those pages. Of course, anyone is…

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  • Clayblob

    Music and Leitmotifs

    December 11, 2015 by Clayblob

    For those of you who aren't familiar with the concept, "leitmotif or leitmotiv /ˌlaɪtmoʊˈtiːf/ is a "short, constantly recurring musical phrase"[1] associated with a particular person, place, or idea." -Wikipedia

    So basically, there are short musical stanza in music that recurs throughout multiple songs. A lot of these are present in Drawn to Life, and I will be trying to categorize songs by ones they use. If anyone would like to help me in my 'quest' to do so, it would be greatly appreciated. That's it for now.


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  • Crystal Lugia

    Have any of you guys wondered this as well?  I've been trying to figure it out but it's kind of hard when the only proper/official things I've got to go by are his sprites... what do you think he actually looks like when he isn't shadow?  I mainly mean, what do his clothes look like.

    I've seen various pictures (fanart of course) and he's always wearing either a blue shirt or jacket (always longsleeved), sometimes with a white collar and sometimes also having yellow parts on them.  Beyond that most of the pictures have him with either a black shirt (under a blue jacket) or black tie on (some have both).  Personally I thought he had a tie on at first but when I look at the sprites I'm not as sure...

    I'm trying to work it out and thought that s…

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  • Crystal Lugia

    Drawn to Christmas

    December 6, 2015 by Crystal Lugia

    This isn't particularly important, but I was going to draw a DTL Christmas picture for everyone, and along with certain game characters I was going to put in Rapo-versions of us in it too, but I don't know what you'd want yourself to look like.  (Also, when I say everyone, I mainly mean Manere, BreGee, and BenDingo, because they're the people on here the most [at least when I'm on as well].  And the picture would be running out of room as well if too many more people were in it.)

    So, could you guys post either a picture or a description of what you'd like yourselves to look like below?  Thanks  : )

    BTW if you want to roughly know who's in the picture and what's kind of happening as well, just ask, I don't mind telling you.

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  • Crystal Lugia

    Walking sprites

    December 6, 2015 by Crystal Lugia

    I noticed that we've only got the front walking sprites for everything we've got sprites for, but there's also side and behind walking sprites that we could make and upload.  Is there a reason for only having the front walking sprite, or can I go ahead and make the other side and behind walking sprites too?

    Just wondering  : )

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  • Crystal Lugia


    December 3, 2015 by Crystal Lugia

    I'm often editing in the afternoon, and I never see any of you guys... because you're probably in bed.

    I don't know what time zones everyone's in, but when I was on a live chat with Manere the other day, he said it was night where he was but where I was it was actually in the morning.  I've figured out for myself that I can get on when you guys are still on but only if I'm early enough.  I'd also have to stay up late to still be on when you log in.

    I thought that it would be good if in the comments we could share what time zone we are in, and also what the current time is (what's the time when you're posting it).  Just so that we have a better idea of when we're actually going to be on the Wiki at the same time as each other.

    Thanks  : )

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  • Crystal Lugia

    Has anyone else seen the "Miah loves Kaori" writing in the mushroom ring?  It's only visible at night.  I only just saw it now.

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  • Crystal Lugia

    I'm not sure how to delete something if I accidentally make it... what should I do?  How do I get rid of it?

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