Banya Crystals
Use Main economic product of Lavasteam
Village Object Yes
Also seen in levels
Retrieved N/A
Location Lavasteam
Games Dtl2LogoThumb

Banya Crystals are the main product of Lavasteam, and are what insures its prosperity.

It is not known if and how these crystals are related to Banya and whether or not they are edible. Crazy Diggz states that he does in fact eat them, but this does not prove they are generally eaten by the Raposa.

Book Icon StoryEdit

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, King Miney had forced his people to mine for Banya Crystals.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Banya Crystals are typically represented as semi-opaque blue crystals. In levels, Banya Crystals appear to be much larger than Raposa or The Hero. Here, Banya Crystals often grow in crystal clusters from the surrounding stone and rock.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Banya Crystals are similar in appearance to the ice crystals seen in the background of some Snow Gate levels in the original game.
  • Depending on the location, either within levels or the village area, the appearance of Banya Crystals change marginally.
  • Banya Crystals, with the exception of color, largely resemble real-life quartz crystals.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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