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Species Baki
Variant Pirate
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Projectile (Bombs)
Item Drops Nothing
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Pirate Baki are Baki enemies that reside in some water-based Watersong levels. They are composed of two pink-themed generic Baki (except that one is wearing a pirate hat) riding in a small rowboat and tend to drop exploding bombs or barrels at random.

Once defeated, their vessel will explode. This is probably due to the high volume of explosives stored on-board.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Pirate Baki are generic tan-furred Baki's wearing stereotypical pirate attire. They steer a small, two-manned, wooden rowboat with golden trim. A lantern can be seen at the front of the boat, and a small bag can be seen near the oar.

AButton Levels Edit

Question TriviaEdit

  • Unlike the Baki Miner in the Minecart, neither Baki's arms are visible.
  • It is unclear how the Baki in the back of the boat is actually rowing the boat.
  • The Swabby Baki in the back has a much longer, and looser, scarf than its captain.
    • Otherwise their scarfs are the same.
  • They will constantly attack even away from The Hero.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

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