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Action Drawing is a feature in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) that allows the player to draw directly into the game in order to navigate certain environments. Action Drawing helps the player traverse spiky pits or avoid falling into endless voids, and act as a bit of a puzzle element thrown into the game's levels.

Areas where Action Drawing will occur are marked in levels by a sign with a paintbrush on it, and is activated by tapping on the Action Draw Altar near the start of the Action Drawing area.

Once activated, the player will be given a certain number a platforms that they can draw directly into the level. These platforms can be drawn to the players liking, but they are limited to a certain amount of "color" that dictates how long they can make each platform before having to drawn the next one. This is represented as a vial of color that depletes and the player is drawing. Certain areas cannot be drawn in, and are represented as a box with red diagonal lines running through it.

Once finished, the player can use their newly drawn platforms, and have the Hero walk along them to reach the end of the Action Drawing Segment.

Each platform drawn by the player in drawn with a certain type of colored ink. Different ink types will create different platforms that have different interactions with The Hero. As the player progresses through the game, they will be given access to more and more ink types that they can use.

CreationIcon Colors Edit


You can now use black! Don't just stand still. Give it a try!

–Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (DS) Prompt

Lines or platforms drawn with the black ink function as just ordinary platforms. They have no additional effects. The color is introduced to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter in the level Baki Basement.


You can now use blue! This should give you a sinking feeling!

–Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (DS) Prompt

Platforms drawn with Blue ink will quickly fall when the Hero lands on them, allowing them to access further down areas than they might not be able to otherwise. These platforms have the inherent danger of having the Hero fall into a pit if not timed properly, and must be redrawn if the player uses them, but fails to complete the segment. The color is introduced to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter in the level Cosmic Bog.


You can now use yellow! This can be used to reach new heights!

–Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (DS) Prompt

Similar to Blue ink, platforms drawn with Yellow ink will quickly rise up into the air once the Hero touches them, allowing them to access higher up areas. Likewise, they do not reappear once used, and must be redrawn if the player falls off and has to start again. This can sometimes mean having the Hero forcibly die if they are stuck.

This color is introduced in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter in the level Crystal Caverns.


Platforms drawn in Green ink do not conform fully to the how the player draws them. Instead, they will "straighten out", and form a line with endpoints at the start and end of where the player drew the platform. These platforms will act as a trampoline that the hero can used to bounce around avoid potentially dangerous areas. The angle that the player draws the platform at will dictate in what direction it will catapult the Hero in.

This color is first introduced in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter in the level Scramble Tower

Question TriviaEdit

  • Players don't actually get to choose the type of ink they can draw platforms in.
    • They are instead given certain types of platforms that they can draw that is dictated by the Action Drawing segments itself.
    • For example, the player can have access to Blue ink platforms, but only given Green ink to work with.
  • Action Drawing could represent The Creator themselves helping The Hero throughout their adventures.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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