Accordion Fish

AccordionFish Swim

AccordionFish Death

Species Fish
Variant Accordion
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops SilverCoin SmallSilverCoin Small
Games Dtl2LogoThumb

Accordion Fish are Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter exclusive enemies found in some of the levels of Watersong. They don't actively target The Hero; instead, they simply swim in a straight path (behaving similarly to land-dwelling Baki).

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Accordion Fish have deep red bellows, and golden ends. They have white moustaches as well as bushy, white eyebrows. They also have white fins to match. They wear black top hats along with red bowties.

AButton Levels Edit

Question Trivia Edit

  • They resemble a particular type of accordion known as a concertina, an instrument often associated with sailors and pirates.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

Enemy Death Normal

Enemy Death

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